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Homepage of Jochen Schlick

Normally I ride a so-called skwal board (Thias 173F) but in the picture above you see me on my very old Burton Air in Flims/Laax (La Siala, Flims/Laax, CH, Jan.2005). This more than 14 years old snowboard (2007) was nearly indestructible. During the last 10 years almost all of my friends got their first snowboard lesson on this board. Over the past years I used it only when there was a lot of virgin powder.... or too many stones and too little snow in the skiing area.
So it had to be used heavily during the season 2006/2007 (lack of snow) until it was broken on the last Sunday in January 2007 in Hintertux/Austria. It is retired now and is pinned on the wall in my hobby room.