Linux - Software: systemgraph

  • Nice graphical system statistics RRDTool frontend which produces hourly, daily, weekly, monthly ... graphs of various system data. At the moment it provides graphs for memory usage, cpu info, cpu frequency, disk iostat, number of users, number of processes, number of open files, number of tcp connections, system load, network traffic, protocl statistic, harddisk/partition usage and temperatures, privoxy proxy statistic, ntpdrift, fan status and system temperatures.
  • It is simple and it doesn't require snmp. It consists only of some shell and perl scripts.
  • If you want detailed information about features, configuration, manual installation and/or other issues here is systemgraph's README file.
  • Recent changes are described here (ChangeLog).
  • systemgraph V0.9 or later uses options which are only available RRDTool V1.2 or later.
  • Some snapshots: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Copyright (c) Jochen Schlick, 2004 - 2018

systemgraph: sources/repo/...:

  • [2018/06/13]
  • The rpm signing key is jsrpm2019.asc
  • F30A 0827 FA36 E653 B682 7378 F58D 6CBD 7AD4 B367
    (key fingerprint)

systemgraph: RedHat 7 - RPMs:

  • [2018/06/14]
  • systemgraph-boa-0.9.8-50.js.rh.noarch.rpm
  • [cgi-package for boa webserver. The boa webserver is not part of Fedora Core but nowadays part of Fedora Extras. This webserver is very small, supports cgi and is easy to configure...]

systemgraph: OpenSUSE RPMs:

  • [2014/11/03]

systemgraph: Gentoo Linux:

  • [2018/06/14]

systemgraph: Slackware Linux:

  • [2009/10/27]